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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Things That Make You Feel So Damn Good

There are something in this world that make you feel really good. It's like a chemical reaction brought upon by a physiological action or response or some external stimuli. Whatever it is, it gives you a moment of absolute bliss.

I'd like to share some examples.
I'd also like to express my disappointment in not being able to keep up this blogs and illustrations as much as I would have liked. Unfortunately a full time job does take its toll and I either have no time to illustrate or (as was the latest issue) I had a bit of writers block.

So, things that make you feel really good:

1. Unloading your bladder after you've been busting for ages.
All men will know what I’m talking about here. You desperately need to go, you get to the urinal, you unzip your pants and unleash. At the same time, your shoulders relax as you take a deep breath out. It’s like a mini-orgasm it feels so good. Time seems to stop and even though you're not in the most glamorous of places, your body seems to love it.

You don't want to become this relaxed though as you may catch E Coli.

2. A six year old massage.

Do you remember being six years old in Primary School? The class all sitting on the carpet in front of the teacher, listening to her tell you about Ducks, or telling some joke that was hilarious back then but in retrospect it was just dumb. Anyway, you're sitting on the carpet and suddenly the kid behind you starts drawing a picture on your back with their finger. Then they ask you what they drew, because it matters for some reason. It was always a car or a house, but you didn't care because it felt amazing.

The car always looked like this. I would intentionally guess wrong so they would keep drawing. Is it a bird? Is it the letter S?

3. Eating fine food.

Now, not everyone will appreciate this. Especially not overweight single mothers whose culinary prowess goes into meltdown when she has to cook anything more difficult than microwavable macaroni and cheese.

(It's got spirals!)

The visual sensation of a well plated meal or dessert, combined with the texture and the taste is enough to send any sophisticated person into a heavenly trance.

(umm YUM!!!)

No matter how good McDonalds Marketing is, their food will never make you feel this good. Nor will Philadelphia cream cheese spread, despite what they try to tell you.

4. Coming into work and realising your colleague has done everything possible to ensure no one touches your stuff while you’re gone.

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