About Me

About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to the About Me page of my blog. Typically this is where I should be telling you about what I'm like and why I started this blog but that's boring.

Here's some facts about me:

  • My mind works in wonderful and mysterious ways and most of my ideas come to me while I should be working at my day job.
  • I suck at art. You may have gathered that by now but I do hope you see the personality in the pictures. I also suck at singing and dancing just as much so I have heaps going for me right now.
  • In my final year of Uni I had to complete a subject on career development. I thought it was such a shit idea that I refused to make a ten year life plan and my oral presentation on what I wanted to be when I grew up was on becoming a stand up comedian. Just look at me NOW Mr Lecturer guy whose name I have conveniently forgotten. 

I have no idea why Muddled with Lime popped into my head, but I was sitting in bed thinking about a name for my blog and it seemed like a genius idea. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy putting my imagination into words.

Muddled with Lime - A little bit of life. Throw in some observational humour, some imagination, a few badly drawn Paintbrush pictures and muddle with lime. That's me.