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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

God Is Real - an Atheist's Story

I am an atheist. Not necessarily by choice, but by the process of elimination really. There are quotes upon quotes and arguments upon arguments about why God doesn't exist - we wouldn't be in control of our own life, he wouldn't let Wars happen, there wouldn't be poverty, he would have killed Simon Cowell before he could put together One Direction. The list goes on. So it strikes me as a combination of humour, fear and messed-up-ness that my first real positive thought about God, that is, 'Maybe He exists', came while watching a science documentary.

God exists. He doesn't have time to answer every single American's prayers. He probably gets frustrated by the accent or the incorrect use of grammar, or just the wrongful spelling of words without the letter u. No, God is far too busy watching over the Magnetosphere that protects the Earth.

In short, the magnetosphere is the region surrounding the Earth, where the Earth's megnetic field is the dominant force. The Earth's magnetosphere has allowed life to flourish under its protection. One phenomenon that the magnetosphere protects us from is known as a CME, or a Coronal Mass Ejection.

A Coronal Mass Ejection is a huge release of matter and electromagnetic radiation from the sun's surface. This ejected material is composed mostly of electrons and protons, but also can contain smaller quantities of helium, oxygen and iron. When this matter is ejected towards the Earth, the Earth's magnetosphere blocks is from directly impacting the Earth. It is our shield, our first line of defence.

Here is an official image of how the magnetosphere may work:

This image displays how a CME has shot out from the sun towards the Earth. The Magnetosphere pushes this mass ejection around the Earth, preventing a direct hit. A direct hit could cause serious issues on Earth.

Another example of how a magnetosphere works was illustrated in the movie, I am Number 4.

Then there's the less informative illustration:


It's a pretty remarkable phenomenon and I think if we are going to believe in a God, then maybe this is his purpose. We haven't found life on any other planet and those that come close (Saturn's Moon Titan is one) have terrible conditions. Did you know it's really cold there and it rains methane? It's no wonder Titan doesn't have an Ozone layer. That being said, I wonder if there was life on Titan. Would they have cows? And would the cows fart Oxygen instead?

Maybe, just maybe, God doesn't care about American's on their own and he certainly doesn't care about the Red Sox winning another series. He doesn't care that there are far too many stupid reality TV shows and the fact that Lost finished with a stupid ending doesn't even register on his care list.
So if there's a God, it's likely that he is wearing white. It's a scientists coat because he's too busy checking the status of the magnetosphere and running experiments to see if it will stand up when the sun next has a hissy fit. He has a long beard because he doesn't have time for shaving and yes, he is wise, because he manages the magnetosphere.

God Bless Earth