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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Class of it all.

I got thinking today about the middle class of society. This thought came about because I started thinking about whether I was a good cook or not, and then whether I could make a chair.

There is absolutely no nexus between the two of them but maybe it's just the important end result?

So here I am thinking about the middle class. Does it exist? What does it look like? Could it be explained and explored through a show like Masterchef. Perhaps being middle class means having a reasonable amount of skill. Maybe to be middle class you just add up the amount of things you are "reasonably" good at and that determines your status in society. Perhaps it's not about money at all.

I'm thinking there are a number of categories you could be assessed on to determine your class. Your cooking skill, the ability to make a chair, play sport, your language skills and math skills.

After thinking about these, you place yourself in one of three categories depending on how well you can complete that task.

Below are examples to help you figure out your true place. Where do you truly belong?





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