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Monday, June 21, 2010

Sausage Roll Dippers

I really like watching Masterchef. It's relaxing, it's inspiring and it makes me appreciate food a whole lot more. The only problem is that most of the recipes are completely out of my skill set. They look great, and delicious, but I don't have the energy or ability to create something like this:
Each layer, each addition to the dish just gets harder and harder. The above is just a visualisation and is not actually an imaginary dish of asparagus, blueberry, spinach, thyme and cherry. That would be interesting though yes?

The other day I decided to bring Masterchef to my own kitchen by re-creating the gorgeous sausage rolls that they made weeks ago. Lots of them. I took them to work for dinner with a small container of tomato sauce. They looked amazing. They tasted amazing. But as I was eating them at my desk (checking up on Facebook activities!) I realised that each subsequent sausage roll had more and more sauce than the last.

Upon sharing this with friends and colleagues, I realised this was a Universal occurrence. Say you start off with 8 sausage rolls and a container of sauce. The first sausage roll gets dipped in to the sauce, but only gently. By this stage you are thinking that you need to ensure there is enough sauce for all 8 rolls.

By the time you get to the fourth one you realise you can probably pick up the pace a bit. You dip them harder, scooping a little bit.

By the 6th roll you realise you have underestimated the amount of sauce you actually have. In addition to dipping you scooping, you start double dipping.

Suddenly you're on the 8th roll with a huge amount of sauce left. You smother the roll in sauce, scraping it into every corner, digging up every drop of sauce. You start to wonder if you have enough sausage roll with your sauce. I have even graphed this, showing the exponential rise in the amount of sauce on each sausage roll.

My mate also felt the same way about this, and noted that the exact same thing happens to him when he's drunk and goes to McDonalds. The same logic can be applied until the last nugget consists of 90% Sweet & Sour sauce.

Opening a window into my brain, I started thinking about the design flaw of Jam. How I moved on from sausage rolls and Jam is beyond me but it's important. Ever noticed how it never sits on the knife, making the act of spreading jam on toast as impossible as creating a Masterchef meal? The end result is the same though, you just finish with a sticky mess.

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