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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Top 10 Superheroes with Cool Powers that will Never Exist.

Name: Frequency Man
Power: He can control radio frequencies.
Uses: When he is using an FM transmitter in his car, he won't get doof doof interference from the fully sick car next to him.

Name: Predictaboy
Power: He can successfully predict the winner of every AFL game.
Uses: Makes him impossible to beat in footy tipping, and would make a killing on betting websites.

Name: FryerGirl
Power: She can disarm even the most deadly of criminals with her wicked (and charming) laugh.
Uses: When she really concentrates, she can target her laugh to destroy the enemy's weapons. When focused at an individual, it interrupts the emotional cortex of their brain, making them believe they are in a happy place before the SWAT team pop one in their frontal lobe.

Name: Osmosis Man
Power: He can control the transfer of liquid from one permeable substance to the next.
Uses: He doesn't need to get out of bed to go to the toilet.

Name: Amazing Grace
Power:Upon thanking God or Lite n Easy for her evening meal, Grace's refrigerator magically fills up with more food.
Uses: I suppose she could help the poor if she wanted.

Name: Captain Impervio
Power: He is impervious to anything that life throws at him. Bullets, corruption, cancer and lactose intolerance. Anything.
Uses: Gosh whatever he fricken wants to do.

Name: Tornador
Power: He can create tornadoes and control their direction.
Uses: Let's just say you're driving through the country and a cow is blocking the road...

Name: BrainWave
Power: With a small amount of concentration, BrainWave generates a shiver up his spine into his head, where he is then able to radiate his current emotional state to those nearby.
Uses: On a happy day, BrainWave could cure the emo disease.

Name: Forsyt
She can see the future of a particular person or item simply by touching the object.
Uses: She would be able to tell who stole the cookies from the cookie jar before they were even stolen.

Name: Blueteeth
Power: Can mentally connect to any Bluetooth enabled device and control the transfer of information, both between devices and to and from himself.
Uses: Could store illegally downloaded porn music in his head without getting caught.

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