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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's on my Desk

I decided that this would be a good topic to blog about since it is actually quite a bit muddled.

So, I have compiled a list of things that are on my desk that actually don't need to be here at all. This is my desk at work mind you. I'm too cheap for a desk at home and prefer to lie in bed with much loved Macbook Pro on my lap.

  • A V/Line train ticket from Warragul.
  • A poem about an annoying and psychotic dog named John, who was threatened with death.
  • Jenefer's reply to said poem, threatening violence if any dog named John should be harmed.
  • Song lyrics that, at one time, inspired me.
  • A photo of Andy Murray, topless and looking amazing.
  • A picture from the newspaper of the Barefoot bandit. He was recently captured after eluding police in the United States for two years. I thought he was cute.
  • A space on the wall where the barefoot bandit used to be. I have now decided he is not cute.
  • A picture of the Essendon Bombers Mosquito mascot.
  • A signed photo of my colleague.
  • An image of myself and two colleagues as Batman, Robin and Batgirl.
  • Dust. Why don't the cleaners clean my desk.

That is all.

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