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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Alcoholic April Day 1

Hi everyone,
I know it's been a while. There have been a lot of reasons why I haven't updated this lately. One of them is laziness. The other is that I received an anonymous tip off that the FBI were watching me. Turns out they weren't, it was just my neighbours' wifi.

So I've turned to alcohol in an effort to put on a bit of weight. This was brought on by my recent attendance at an event in which I looked super skinny and not cool. A look I have coined as "skiggly", it is the skinny side of ugly.

The Plan
Alcoholic April. It's a minimum of two alcoholic beverages every single night. I actually started on March 31 but who's counting!

Why not document my progress? The trials and tribulations, the issues that come with consuming alcohol. It's a lesson for us all on the dangers of alcohol and being too skinny.

So, here begins Day 1.

April 1.
It's April Fools day and everyone thinks I'm just messing about. I go through periods with alcohol where I drink a fair amount in one weekend and then nothing at all for 6 weeks. But this is not a joke.
Work drinks are organised (how convenient!) so I'm at the bar downing some beers. Only three. Kronenberg is one of my favourite beers. It is currently my preferred beer, but they all take turns at the top. So I'm drinking, responsibly, and I'm feeling really good. Alcohol is making me happy.

Then I got home safely (and under the limit I should add) and had a very late dinner somewhere around 10:30pm before heading to bed. Doesn't eating right before bed help you put on weight?

The Stats:
Starting Height: about 191cm
Starting weight: about 65kg
Drink count: 3

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