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Monday, October 4, 2010

Last night's dream

Last night was a strange night. I got to sleep quite late and had to be up early for work, but I had a really strange dream that seemed to define the whole night's sleep.

I was at a restaurant with a bunch of faceless people. That detail obviously wasn't important. We were all sitting around a large outdoor table and a friendly blonde waitress came to serve us. Everybody ordered and I was left until the end. I'm not sure why but I didn't really seem to mind.

Then, as soon as I ordered, the blonde waitress yelled, "Congratulations!!!"
I was quite confused.
She began to explain, "You are our 20,000 customer. You have won a free steak and a facial treatment on your next visit."
Now I'm not sure if there is currently a restaurant that offers this but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't comply with health regulations. Unless it was Costco. Or perhaps this is my calling in life. I shall be an entrepreneur. Anyway back to the story, so I was a winner.

But it didn't end there. No no no. The restaurant had clearly known their 20,000th customer would place an order on that exact day. The blonde waitress told me to look into the sky...

A plane was doing some skywriting to notify everyone of this apparently amazing achievement. I'm not sure who Stef is or if they even finished their text. But that's where the story ends. If you're confused, please join the club.

Stef, enjoy your fucking steak and facial.

1 comment:

  1. Haha. Fantastic. I hope she got her just desserts too!!!

    I think I've figured out the 'Stef' part, it's an acronym/anagram...

    Once unscrambled it becomes Fest!!

    Which stands for Fucking Eat Steak Tim!!!!! Which could be a reference to your daily Iron intake - or something less obvious.