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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Almost abducted by single mothers

One of the things I love about having the day off is that I can wake up without the aid of an alarm. So I was in a good mood pretty much from the get go.

I had decided the night before that I really needed a rug for my bedroom. My apartment is all floorboards and it's only now that I really miss the luxury of carpet...even the shitty carpet that we had in the last place. Anyway, it was my belief that a rug would help "absorb" some of the cold and make waking up in the early mornings a bit more pleasant.

So I went to Spotlight for a rug because mum told me that they sell cheap ones and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I mean really, what does a boy like me really need a rug for?
I walked around the store, wondering with each turn whether I had finally found them. They're rugs right, they're big, how hard could it be?

I started to worry that maybe my mum was part of a bigger conspiracy and that there were no rugs at Spotlight. She had lured me there to walk around, past all the single mothers with crying infants looking at me strangely as if they were thinking of abducting me and forcing me to be a male role model for their failure destined screaming kids.
This was not to be the case and was merely my imagination going at it again. I found the rugs. They were near the entrance, I just walked the long way around to find them.

Now my rug is in my bedroom and it's looking good. Now to add a few photo frames to the wall.

The rest of the day was equally productive and this lead me to want to make cookies. Cornflake and Sultana Cookies to be precise. Then a Plum Chicken Stir Fry with Carrots, Pak Choy and green vegetables. I realised something today too while I was cooking. I'm no Masterchef, but damn I make some good cookie dough.


  1. that stir fry looks awesome
    i would like to be invited asap :)